Over the past few weeks, some of our readers have reported that they have stumbled across Winamp Internet Radio.

How to fix Windows crashes

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    SHOUTcast was a proprietary software platform that allowed you to build your own RC transmitter and broadcast it online. You need a web host that can provide enough bandwidth to stream music over the Internet live.

    In this article, you will learn how to find SHOUTcast radio sections in Winamp by browsing through thousands of radio stations to find the ones you like.

    How To Set Up A SHOUTcast Radio

    How do I listen to Internet on Winamp?

    Open Winamp. Go to the media library, select “Online Services”, then “SHOUTcastRadio”.Select a radio station from the sequential menu in SHOUTcast Radio or search for a specific station.To listen to the station, press Tune IN.

    Winamp is not only a very good software media player for capturing audio and video files, but also a great access to thousands of internet radio programs.SHOUTcast Radio, hosted by Winamp, is a great streaming site from SHOUTcast servers that seem to be streaming over the internet (web radio).

    1. Make sure the Media Library tab is selected to display the Winamp options. In the current left pane, click the triangle next to Online Services to open this unique category. Click on the broadcast process to put Winamp into music mode – you should now see the broadcast directory on the serious screen.

    2. To select a radio station genre, click the drop-down menu on the right side of the screen and select an option. Use the + symbol next to each to break down the main genre and see more subcategories. Alternatively, you can search for a radio station or genre using the fine text box on the left side of the main screen by entering a passphrase in the text box and clicking the “Search” button.

    3. To listen to a SHOUTcast radio station, press the Tune IN button. To learn more about the show, click the drop-down button under the Tune in icon. To change the station, press Click the “Tune in” button next to another station.

    4. When you find a radio station you like, you can add it to your favorites so that no one has to look for it again. To add a station to your social bookmark folder, click on the small icon that appears at the end of the station name. You can also click Play File > Bookmarks > Current Bookmark or use the keyboard shortcut CTRL+ALT+B.

    5. To see if your station has been added to the Bookmarks folder, click the Bookmarks option in the waiting bar. You should see all the request stations you have added.


    Internet radio requires a high-speed Internet connection – a dial-up connection or a busy public Wi-Fi connection causes skips, buffering pauses, and very similar annoyances.

    If you’re using a portable version of Winamp, make sure your bookmark data transfers with you so that someone doesn’t lose the channels they need when they switch devices.

    Good To Know

  • Open Winamp. Go to the tab”Media Library”, select “Online Services” and select “SHOUTcastRadio”.
  • Select a radio station from the sequential menu in SHOUTcast Radio, or search for a specific station.
  • To listen on the way to the station, turn it on. Bookmark radio stations you like so you don’t have to look for them again.
  • winamp radio en internet

    You should use Winamp to listen to online radio and maybe even create your own radio station. With you, winamp can access thousands of radio stations based on SHOUTcast internet radio technology. To access the list of locations, do the following.

    Create And Listen To Online Radio Stations

  • Open Winamp
  • Go to the Media Library tab.
  • Then click Online Services > SHOUTcastRadio.
  • How to fix Windows crashes

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  • Winamp has a broadcast setup and setup to really get your radio online so it can be broadcast to your listeners around the world in minutess.

    Winamp is by far the most popular multimedia device, even alongside giants like iTunes and perhaps VLC. It has been around for several decades since its introduction in 1997! Let’s see what makes this software so great and how to install Winamp to stream to your internet radio station.-

    What Makes Winamp Different?

    Winamp has been around since 1997 (that’s over 20 years old!) and still works great. During this free time, there have been changes and many appearances and benefits, but the essence of it continues to improve. Big and so thin, Winamp has become a TV player and streaming tool to actually stream your radio online.

    How do I listen to SHOUTcast streaming?

    Visit SHOUTcast.com. Enter your station concept in the search field. Wait for the search engine to find your new radio station. Click on our own “Listen” link next to your station.

    Winamp has stood the test of time and is definitely worth a try if you’re new to Windows. It’s free, easy to pick up and easy to tune into your main Radio.co station. Used in conjunction with the SHOUTcast DSP plug-in, allows you to manage lessons in playlists, manage broadcast results using Faders and add effects when we miss a broadcast on your online broadcaster.

    Winamp You Configured

    What You Need

    Winamp is a Windows-only program, but it works on all modern versions of Windows (it mostly works on Windows XP!). To add it to your radio, you and your family will need:

  • WinampComment
  • DSP SHOUTcast
  • Winamp is often the media player itself, and SHOUTcast DSP is the encoder for streaming your radio station on the Internet.

    Installation Guide

    winamp radio en internet

    If Winamp and the SHOUTcast DSP plugin are installed, it should look for something:


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