If you have seen SQL error 3092, this guide will help you.

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  • Step 1: Download and install ASR Pro
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  • Step 3: Click on the Restore button and wait for the process to finish
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    Error 3092: Invalid string name ‘LocDb’. The SQL database of the repository you are upgrading can be configured for the full version of Microsoft SQL Server Microsoft SQL Server Starting with SQL Server 2016, the entire product is only supported on x64 processors. The current version is Microsoft SQL Server 2019 released by Novem. The RTM version is 15.0. 2000.5. https://en.wikipedia.org › wiki › Microsoft_SQL_Server Microsoft SQL Server – Wikipedia. Restore this database from a backup and make sure the database is connected to the correct edition of Microsoft SQL Server before trying the extension process again.

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    sql error 3092

    ERROR 3092 (HY000): The server is incorrectly configured to be a sports member of a group.

    With MySQL 8.0.15 I tried to set up bulk replication as per the main guide (not all the same steps), I got an error. I might have missed a small detail.

    I tried setting up the first “top” node. After running START Group_replication MySQL returned “ERROR 3092 (HY000): The server is not configured to be an active member of a group.”

    2019-06-19T14:29:11.729885Z 4 [note] [MY-011716] plugin [repl] group_replication reads: “Current debug settings: GCS_DEBUG_NONE”.
    2019-06-19T14:29:11.763057Z new [Note] [MY-011673] [Repl] The group_replication plugin told us: “Group SSL communication group_replication_ssl_mode: config: ‘DISABLED'”.
    2019-06-19T14:29:11.766812Z5 [Note] [MY-011735] [Repl] Plugin Group Replication reports: “[GCS] debug messages are sent asynchronously to::/var/lib/mysql/GCS_DEBUG_TRACE”
    2019-06-19T14:29:11 at:.8 777927z [Note] [MY-011735] [Repl] The group_replication plugin reported: “[GCS] IP address ranges,, ::1 automatically added /128,fe80::d80f:313a:7237:a3d5/64 to their White list’
    2019-06-19T14:29:11.779035Z8 [Note] [MY-011735] [Repl] group_replication plugin reported: translated ‘[gcs] ‘ic-1′ to power’
    2019-06-19T14:29:11.779067Z8 [Note] [MY-011735] [Repl] The group_replication plugin reported: “[GCS] Translated ‘ic-1′ 192 en.168.1.3’
    2019-06-19T14:29:11.779080Z8 [Note] [MY-011735] [Repl] The group_replication plugin reported: “[GCS] Translated ‘ic-1′ 192 en.168.1.3’
    2019-06-19T14:29:11.8 779655z [Note] [MY-011735] [Repl] The group_replication plugin reported “[GCS] SSL is definitely enabled”
    2019-06-19T14:29:11.779698Z 8 [Note] [MY-011694] [repl] The group_replication plugin reported: ‘Group link initialized with configuration: group_replication_group_name: ‘e6b8600c-9294-11e9-8e74-000c2992d1b0′; group_replication_local_address:’local_address IC-1: 33061′; group_replication_group_seeds:’ IC-1: 33061, IC-3: 33061, IC-3: 33061′; group_replication_bootstrap_group:’true’; group_replication_poll_spin_compresses: 0; group_replication_comression_replication_ip_whiteList: ‘ auto ‘; group_optionsion_communication_debug_option_communication_debug_option : ‘GCS_DEBUG_NONE’; group_replication_member_expel_timeout: ‘0’; group_replication_communication_max_message_size: 10485760; group_replication_message_cache_size: ‘1073741824u’

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